GMAT Prep Quantitative Study Platform.

Access online resources 50,000+ Quant Practice GMAT Questions. Online GMAT prep that focuses your practice where it has the most impact on your score. Plan Study. Track Improvement. Reach Target GMAT Score.

With over 50,000 questions you can customize into quizzes that adapt to your performance, you're not just taking a quiz. You're answering the right questions (at the right difficulty level), reviewing in-depth explanations, and focusing on opportunities specific to you.

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Quantitative Study Platform

GMAT Tutor Quant is an innovative, ultra-clear and super comprehensive GMAT quant course that's unlike anything you've used before. Taught with unprecedented clarity and details, this course offers serious material to prepare you for a serious exam. Trusted media and satisfied users agree upon GMAT Tutor reliability and effectiveness.

  • Adaptive Learning Platform
  • Customisable Plans
  • 700+ Score-improvement Guarantee
  • Digital Subscription to The GMAT TUTOR
  • 5000+ Rigorous Chapters GMAT Quant Topics
  • 45,000+ Realistic Quantitative Problems
  • 99% One-on-One GMAT Prep Course
  • ClassWork - The combined work of a class and Teacher
  • HomeWork - Tasks assigned by Teachers
  • Study Material - The learning materials provided by the teacher

Preparation Platform

Online Courses

Our groups that prepare GMAT and GRE completely for both those who start from scratch and those who want to increase their score .

  • Basic Courses (Essentials and fundamentals for GMAT)
  • Regular Courses (Usual demand courses for GMAT)
  • Advanced Courses (Material and Concepts courses for GMAT)
  • Self-Assessment (Diagnostic GMAT Tests)
  • Mini-Quizzes (Practice Mini Quizzes for GMAT)
  • Free Practice Tests (Feee Tests online practice)
  • Practice Tests (Practice Tests online practice)
  • Subject/Topic-Wise Practice (Online Practice tests)
  • Foundations (Foundations for GMAT)
  • Formulas – Tips (To learn GMAT math faster!)
  • Flash Cards (Practice your math facts with these flashcards)
  • Audio-Aids (The learning experience more concrete for GMAT)
  • ClassWork (The combined work of a class and Teacher)
  • ClassWork (Tasks assigned by Tutors)
  • Study Material (The learning materials provided by the teacher)

GMAT Advice & GMAT Online Assessments

Practicing questions & analyzing good data enable good decisions and ensure success on the GMAT. Every question you attempt is tagged and tracked. You get precise and actionable insights into your preparation – whether it’s narrowing down on your weaknesses, or isolating the questions types where you spend most time.

Use the revolutionary and super-flexible quizzing platform along with its highest quality questions and advanced analytics to pin point the weak areas in your preparation with razor sharp precision and to track your improvement in real-time.

  • GMAT Overview (About the GMAT, GMAT Rules, GMAT Scoring)
  • GMAT Verbal Section (Overview of GMAT Verbal, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension)
  • GMAT Quantitative Section (Overview of GMAT Quant, Data Sufficiency, Solving)
  • GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section (Overview of the IR section, Graphics Interpretation Questions, Multi-Source Reasoning Questions)
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (Overview of the AWA, Analyzing the Argument)
  • GMAT Study Strategies (Your GMAT Study Plan, Time Management, Study tools)
  • GMAT Test Day Tips (Test Day Preparations, Tips and Tricks, Test Anxiety)
  • Business School Admissions (Application Advice, Rankings, Which test should you take?)
  • GMAT Tutor Q&A (Improving Your Score, Retaking the GMAT, Miscellaneous)

Diagnostic GMAT Tests


Welcome to the BobPrep self-assessment tool. Whether you are starting your GMAT journey or trying to gauge the effectiveness of your prep, the self-assessment tool can provide specific insights. The self-assessment tool will test your knowledge by mimicking the style of the GMAT itself. You can then use these insights to help to determine your study path forward. Moreover, based on your results, BobPrep will provide recommended resources to help you hone in on specific areas.

Practice Mini Quizzes for GMAT


Our mini-quizzes section allows students to choose testing for specific topics instead of having to complete an entire exam. Choose from our wide selections of topics below and focus on what’s most important to you.

Feee Tests online practice

Free Practice Tests

As a potential or current BobPrep student, we offer 2 free GMAT practice tests to each student. These are different from the practice tests included in the Official Guide and can offer insights into your studying.

To learn GMAT math faster!

Formulas – Tips

Want to make sure that you have all the right tools in your toolbox? Our Formulas product gives you access to all the formulas you need to know for questions on the GMAT, including those over 700. Please note, if you’re using our other products, relevant formulas are already included.

In addition, our Formulas product includes a “tips” section. The “tips” are adaptations/shortcuts for certain formulas. Using these “tips” allows you to use the formulas more quickly and effectively (also included with our other products).

Practice your math facts with these flashcards

Flash Cards

BobPrep has created a collection of GMAT flashcards for different target scores. These flashcards include relevant formulas, special tricks, and the most common problems. See our pricing options below.

The learning experience more concrete for GMAT

Audio Aids

BobPrep is pleased to announce its brand-new product, audio-aids. We deliver digital audio files that dictate GMAT-specific formulas, strategies, and tricks. Think of these as a substitute for flashcards and which can be used at any time anywhere. The audio aids are a great tool to help with memorization and tend to work more subtly in your subconscious.

Subject Wise practice tests online practice

Topic-Wise Practice

Already know what you need to work on and don’t want to waste time on other areas?

Our topic-wise practice allows you to purchase additional problem sets that focus on specific questiontypes. For example, if you need to work on permutations and combinations, you can purchase a problem-set consisting solely of that problem type. Problem set sizes vary but range anywhere from 10-100 problems per set. Problems are segmented by question difficulty level.

Foundations for GMAT


Unsure how to get begin your GMAT journey? Hesitant about spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on GMAT prep and private tutoring? Is there a less expensive, but equally effective way?

You’re not alone, and these are the questions you should be asking. Too long has the GMAT Prep industry equated higher-priceswith better quality.

Fortunately, the days of sky-high prep costs are gone and access to the methods taught by the world’s best GMAT tutors is now available to all.

Who is this for?

Foundations is for students looking to learn the core concepts needed for the GMAT quant and verbal sections. This course is the perfect building block for students who want to get the most out of our advanced materials later on. Used alone, Foundations can get you a GMAT score of up to 550.

How it Works

The GMAT quant and verbal sections are divided into topics which are then weighted by importance. For each topic, our expert instructors have created simple and straight-forward explanations and examples. From there, complete the problem-sets included after each lesson. Completing all of our practice problems and exams will prepare you for the exam.

Usual demand courses for GMAT

Regular Course

Reluctant about spending thousands of dollars on GMAT Prep? Wondering if you can you still get a respectable score without it? Noticing how the higher the score you need, the more it costs?

The good news is that GMAT Prep is changing. Finally, the methods and practice problems available only to private students are available for all. Now it’s no longer a question of access and cost but putting in the time.

Who is this for?

The Regular Course is for students looking to score up to 650.

What’s included:
  • A review of the essentials (with practice problems)
  • A guided study-plan
  • Comprehensive examples and explanations
  • Formulas with explanations along with use cases
  • Shortcuts and equation manipulation strategies
  • Hundreds of practice problems
  • 5 practice tests

Material and Concepts courses for GMAT

Advanced Course

Need to score over 700, but don’t want to pay $300+/hour for private tutoring?

Look no further. While someone may not be looking over your shoulder while you study, our course covers the same exact strategies and techniques that we give to our private tutoring students. Be confident in knowing that you will be practicing on the same materials as our best students, all of whom scored over 700.

Who is this for?

The Advanced Courseis for students looking to score above 700. By far the most comprehensive review option, we cover every topic in precise detail. All the concepts are demonstrated on real GMAT problems. Please note, this course is very intensive on practice problems and practice exams.

What’s included:
  • A guided study-plan
  • 700+ strategies & techniques (demonstrated on real GMAT problems)
  • Equation manipulation tricks and shortcuts
  • 1,000s of topic specific practice problems
  • 15 Practice tests