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How do you prep for the GMAT?

Everyone studies for the GMAT differently. Whether you take a GMAT course or work one on one with a private GMAT tutor, our 99th-percentile GMAT experts can help you get the score you need.

Live Online GMAT Prep
Live Online GMAT Prep
Our GMAT Complete Courses are led by an expert GMAT instructor who will help guide every step of your GMAT preparation.
GMAT Library
GMAT Library
We'll put together a series of questions targeting your zone of proximal development, so you can pick up the most points.
Private GMAT Tutoring
Private GMAT Tutoring
Get a personal GMAT coach who will build out your customized study plan and calendar to help you reach your GMAT score goal.

Try GMAT Tutor Online Test Prep

Full access to all of our Quant and Verbal materials. See for yourself why GMAT students LOVE GMAT Tutor.
  • - 50,000+ Quant Practice GMAT Questions
  • - Intelligent Metrics and Error Analysis
  • - Adaptable Personalized GMAT Study Plans
  • - Access on the web, iOS app, or Android app
  • - Guaranteed Increase in Your GMAT Quant Score

Getting a Perfect Score on the GMAT

There are tried-and-true ways to efficiently improve your GMAT score. If you want an 800 GMAT score, you’ll need to focus all the more on study strategies, as you don’t want to waste time preparing ineffectively. Let’s go over the best ways to improve your GMAT score as much as possible.
  • - Study Consistently
  • - Use the Best Practice Materials
  • - Stay on Top of the Fundamentals
  • - Practice With Hard GMAT Practice Questions
  • - Focus on Timing
  • - Target Your Weaknesses
  • - Practice in Realistic Test Conditions
  • - Make the Commitment to a GMAT Perfect Score
Online Platform

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Compare the features of the different plans and choose the one that suits your requirement the best.

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Study at your own pace – anytime, anywhere.

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27 hours of live classroom time. Improve significantly, quickly.

Available online and in person

GMAT 700+

Achieve a 700+ score. Guaranteed.*

Available online and in person

Private Tutoring

Our most personalized approach.

Access all GMAT Tutor features, apps and plugins
GMAT 700+ Guaranteed*
The GMAT Tutor 700+ course will make sure your GMAT score is competitive at any top school!
Exclusive Resources
100 practice tests, live instruction, over 10,000 drills, interactive audio/video lessons, and more.
5,000 Adaptive Drills
Our proprietary algorithm simulates GMAT questions, making for precise prep to maximize your score efficiently.
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Build your custom solution

Combine the services you need and make use of our awesome features all from our GMAT Practicing Platform.

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Online Courses
The Crack Verbal GMAT advanced course is a unique online program tailored for students looking to push their GMAT score beyond 750.
Mini Quizzes
We've selected real questions from past exams for your GMAT Mini Quiz challenge.
Unsure how to get begin your GMAT journey? Hesitant about spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on GMAT prep and private tutoring? Is there a less expensive, but equally effective way?

You’re not alone, and these are the questions you should be asking. Too long has the GMAT Prep industry equated higher-priceswith better quality.

Fortunately, the days of sky-high prep costs are gone and access to the methods taught by the world’s best GMAT tutors is now available to all.
Formulas & Tips
Want to make sure that you have all the right tools in your toolbox? Our Formulas product gives you access to all the formulas you need to know for questions on the GMAT, including those over 700. Please note, if you’re using our other products, relevant formulas are already included.
BobPrep has created a collection of GMAT flashcards for different target scores. These flashcards include relevant formulas, special tricks, and the most common problems. See our pricing options below.
Audio Aids
BobPrep is pleased to announce its brand-new product, audio-aids. We deliver digital audio files that dictate GMAT-specific formulas, strategies, and tricks. Think of these as a substitute for flashcards and which can be used at any time anywhere. The audio aids are a great tool to help with memorization and tend to work more subtly in your subconscious.

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